I am a daughter of our amazing God, wife to my wonderful, hardworking husband and a stay at home mom to 3 beautiful children. I home school the younger 2, ages 3 and 11, and my daughter, age 13,  goes to the local, small public school.

Living in the foothills of the East Cascades of Washington is truly living in Gods Country. Having all 4 seasons and living in a small town in the mountains has it’s challenges but it has proven to be a wonderful life for my family and I!

I struggle daily with self worth, balancing life, housekeeping, parenting and the needs of everyone that I love but through the Grace of God we all make it somehow. I am always striving to improve and rise to be the person my Lord wants me to be but also know that the here and now is ok and He loves me here and now.

I love exploring ways to make the here and now and future better. For me, my family, this world……….

This blog is meant for just that, creativity in my daily life to to make small changes for a better me, better parent, better wife, better daughter of God, better world.

I hope you enjoy reading as I strive to simplify and continue to grow in Him. And I hope inspiration and connection is what you bring from it. Because I know that most moms struggle with the same things and we can all rest knowing we aren’t in this alone!!

Blessings to you all!


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